Grow. Cook. Eat.

Since 2016, Growing Up Healthy has been making old school cool again: We've been inspiring a new generation to get healthy at home. 

Guided by a Professional Home Economist & Nutrition Expert, we have made the connections from farm to fork easy for anyone to do with minimal space at home, the office, or school.

Everyone knows it only takes small changes day by day to make big changes.  Our kits can have you making healthy recipes from scratch, with homegrown organic ingredients, in as little as 10 days!  



Each ingredient is important in a recipe. Each dish you eat is important in your diet.  Everyone's diet is important to their health.

Each Growing Up Healthy kit begins your journey from seed to fork - focusing on fresh, flavourful ingredients.

Organic seeds are just the beginning. Our kits focus on being environmentally-conscious so that all the contents - everything! - is either compostable or recyclable.  Nothing goes to waste, while our earth & bodies are nourished and cared for.


Growing Up Healthy Herb Kits

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The first organic & enviro-friendly food literacy kit.


Seed Project

Niagara native Sandra Venneri grew up on the family farm & surrounded by food.  Her education in nutrition & dietetics, pre-med and now, public health have been driven by her passion to teach others to use natural ways (whole foods) to nourish their mind, body & souls.

Teaching Nutrition Bites cooking lessons gave an insight into a real loss of connections children (and many adults) have to how easy it is to grow your own, nutritious food.

So taking her education & experience, Sandra started this seed project called Growing Up Healthy.  It connected the links to have anyone learn how easy it is to Grow. Cook. Eat. healthy at how - easily, affordably & with no-waste!