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Our values are just like yours!

We believe that even doing something little can make a big difference.  We believe that every person can make a difference when it comes to health, planet & community.  That’s why just planting one seed can be solving a bigger problem.

We’ve made our kits supporting other Canadian businesses, choosing the most organic and natural kit contents so that we can be confident that we are supplying a waste-free product – everything can be used, recycled and composted. The more sustainable we can be, the better our earth is for our families & our futures.

We also continue to support having healthy, high quality food available to all.  Having food & nutrition skills are so important.  Growing Up Healthy is an easy activity to teach you how simple it is to grow your own fresh food & groceries at home, all-natural and with no pesticides.

We also take it one step further to pair the food you grow with how to use and cook it.  There is no sense of buying any healthy groceries if you don’t know how to use it and it goes to waste.

Having a healthy lifestyle is important to most Canadians.  That’s why we also include nutrition information with our Growing Guides so that you know how great the food you are growing, cooking & eating is for you and your family.

Growing Up Healthy is a company that truly wants to inspire others to take back their health, homes & happiness.

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Our “Seed” Story

Growing Up Healthy with Nutrition Bites is an idea that “grew” from trying to strengthen the connections between children, food skills and personal health.  Teaching only parts of the story leaves children (and many adults) excited about being able to do one, but not confident in how to put the pieces together.

Everyone knows that it is important to:

  • Eat healthy
  • Teach children/people how to find good, affordable food
  • Practice what you learn (hopefully daily!)
  • Create good habits early (or start right away when you want a change)
  • Cook at home & from scratch more often
  • Build social skills & relationships by spending time together
  • Be in touch with nature
  • Become more mindful/aware/appreciative of the simple things in life

So, Nutrition Bites has put together a kit that will teach a person of any age or stage to grow food indoors or out, exploring the nature & ecosystem that exists.

That food then becomes an ingredient in a recipe they prepare.

The recipe teaches food skills and creates self-confidence in the kitchen.

The culinary creation is eaten to nourish our bodies and support our health.

The social benefits of doing tasks such as gardening & cooking together are immeasurable.  Simple activities let us connect with those around us, when daily life always seems to be busy.  A quick check to see how things are “growing” lets everyone appreciate in just a few moments the little “growths” in a day that quickly add up to something bigger and better!

The process can include everyone in any setting (family, office coworkers, classroom, daycare, etc) with all of the activities:

  • Planting
  • Watering/tending to the garden
  • Daily photos
  • Chats about growth & change
  • Senses come alive – aromas (smell!), colours & shapes (see), textures (feel!), taste
  • Cooking
  • Taste Testing

This easy & interactive activity allows everyone to simply Grow. Cook.  Eat. together while discovering a unique seed journey with every single kit!

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We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.

Thank you for your interest in Growing Up Healthy!



Chief Creative Officer at Growing Up Healthy