Fundraiser Info

Let us help your community to be Growing Up Healthy with a fundraiser!

We know that good habits start at an early age, but can be learned at any time.  So why not support your school, cause or team with a healthy fundraiser?


  • A healthy & unique option to provide funds for your community goal
  • Supports & reinforces school curriculum taught in classrooms – Science, Math, Geography
  • Promotes healthy habits
  • Environmentally-conscious & Waste-Free Product
  • Encourages food security to your community
  • Supports a local business
  • Made in Canada
  • Saves money – Prices include taxes & shipping / delivery (to one location)
  • Selling Audience is large – Ages 3+
  • Year-Round fundraiser – Can be grown indoors & small spaces (office cubicle, windowsill, balcony)


  • 20% in profits on every item:
  • Organic Basil Kits
  • Organic Cilantro Kits
  • Organic Parsley Kits
  • Recyclable Growing Centre Greenhouses
  • Mini Whisk Key Chains
  • More items are possible, please contact for specific requests


  • Schools
  • Sports Teams
  • Non-Profits & Charities
  • Community Centres


  1. Representative for the group contacts Growing Up Healthy head office to request a fundraiser.
  2. Fundraiser information is sent to representative.
  3. Representative sends request to GUH head office to start fundraiser (with permission from principal, manager, etc).
  4. GUH head office sets timeline with representative of fundraiser dates.
  5. Fundraiser supplies are sent to the representative.
  6. Representative leads fundraiser.  Group members take orders & collects funds upfront from family, friends, co-workers, etc..  They then give everything to representative.
  7. Representative collects all order sheets, funds & sends summary sheet to GUH head office along with payment.
  8. GUH head office sends GUH Kits ordered in one shipment to representative of group.


  • Growing Up Healthy Fundraisers can be any time of year!
  • Timelines can vary based on needs of group & lead time but are usually 4-6 weeks in length.

Want to know more or start your Growing Up Healthy fundraiser soon?  Contact us at or use the form below.